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Imagine it’s summer, and you’re sitting outside drinking your warm-weather drink of choice (mine is the Liquid Death iced tea lemonade that it calls Armless Palmer). Your cup is filled with perfectly soft little pillows of ice that you can chew on without assaulting your teeth and gums. You’ve essentially made yourself a sophisticated slushy because you hit up these Amazon deals on nugget ice makers. Whether you call it nugget ice, pebble ice, or just “the good ice,” it’s like having access to the awesome ice from Sonic in your own home.

Kndko Nugget Ice Maker Countertop $279 (Was $339)



Nugget ice makers don’t simply freeze water into little chunks. Instead, an auger rotates ice, which gets reduced to shavings before it’s compressed into small pellets that are softer and much easier to chew than typical cubes. This countertop ice maker can churn out up to 45 pounds of ice daily, so it’s great for parties. It’s also self-cleaning, which is very handy because cleaning these machines can be a real pain.

EUHOMY Nugget Ice Maker Countertop $299 (Was $399)



This machine only churns out 30 pounds of ice per day (which is likely still way more than you need), but it measures 17.64″ D x 9.69″ W x 17″ H so that it won’t take up scads of counters space. It takes about 15 minutes to get the first batch of ice once you turn it on, or you can hook it up directly to your home’s water system and have a constant supply of delicious little ice pellets at all times.

GE Profile Opal $629 (Was $679)

If you’re flush with tax refund cash and want the gold standard of nugget ice makers, you can save yourself $50 on the GE Opal right now. It comes with a one-gallon side tank, WiFi connectivity, and a clever recirculation system that prevents the ice from clumping up (which is an issue with some cheaper and older models).

More ice maker deals

It’s getting warmer out, and Amazon wants to sell you some ice machines. As a result, you can find some very solid deals right now. Here are some more ice machines you may want to check out. Note: Some of these deals require applying a coupon, which involves clicking a checkbox below the price on the product page, so keep a lookout for those.