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Summer is full of sore muscles. Whether from endless hours of yard work, rigorous outdoor activities, or too many hours spent curled up with an OLED Nintendo Switch playing the new Zelda game, your body could use some help with recovery. Right now, Amazon has personal massagers of just about every type on sale for the lowest prices we have seen in a while. The products range from serious therapeutic equipment to casual devices designed to give you a pleasant foot rub, so there’s something for everybody (and every body).

TheraGun Pro percussion massager $260 (Was $599)



This is the previous generation of TheraGun’s pro-grade percussion massagers, and it’s roughly half the price of the current version while offering almost all of the same features. My gym has had one of these in the mobility area for quite some time now, and it still works flawlessly despite hard use. The unique triangular shape provides options for holding it so you can dig into your traps without giving yourself a tricep cramp. A full battery charge provides up to five hours of operation, which is more than enough. In fact, it’s too much. Five hours with this thing and your body would be goo. It offers five speeds, six included attachments to pinpoint the percussion, and an onboard display to keep tabs on battery life and intensity.

This is a serious piece of equipment, and you’ll become hopelessly addicted to it if you frequently get sore muscles.

FIT KING Leg Compression Boots Massager for Foot and Calf Recovery $199 (Was $289)

Fit King


I know, these look a little ridiculous, but compression boots are phenomenal for recovery. These boots have three independent air bladders inside that inflate and deflate to strategically apply pressure to your feet and various parts of your calves. They offer three pressure settings and three timed treatment routines to match your specific tolerance and level of soreness. If you’ve never used these before, I highly recommend them as a person with impossibly tight and often very sore lower legs. It almost feels good enough to wash away the trauma of running for any amount of time or distance. Almost.

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