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Whether you’re riding out a power outage or trying to keep yourself (and your tripmates) entertained off the grid, a reliable portable power station can be a lifesaver. Right now, Amazon has the excellent Bluetti EB3A portable power station for just $209, which is $140 off its regular price and the cheapest price we’ve ever seen. It’s just one of several Bluetti solar generators at unbeatable prices right now, and one belongs in your emergency kit.

Bluetti EB3A portable power station $209 (Was $349)



This isn’t a massive power station, but it does hold considerably more juice than a typical battery pack. The EB3A offers a 268Wh capacity, which can fully charge a smartphone up to 20 times or run bigger appliances for several hours. It’ll keep a WiFi router on for up to 10 hours or power a CPAP machine for up to five hours.

The battery inside is a LiFePo system, which promises excellent durability and longevity. It won’t degrade as quickly as some of its competition. The front of the device offers a pair of 120v standard outlets, two 120V CD sockets, a pair of USB-A connectors, and a USB-C for faster charging. You’ll also find an LCD display to keep track of the device’s performance and a handy flashlight so you can actually find your phone to charge it. It will even accept up to 200W solar panels if you want to turn it into a makeshift solar generator.

Even with all that juice inside, this box only measures 10″ x 7.1″ x 7.2″ and weighs just 10 pounds. The integrated handle makes it very easy to chuck in and drag out of a car or grab on your way out the door. You may not need this right now, but you’ll absolutely be glad you have it when the need arises.

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