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Definitive Technology just recently released its Dymension Tower Speaker. With new releases mean you can get older tech that still holds up for a crazy good deal, like this Definitive Technology BP9020 High Power Bipolar Tower Speaker with Integrated 8″ Subwoofer—it’s on sale for $299.99, down from $649. That’s 54% off!

Definitive Technology BP9020 High Power Bipolar Tower Speaker with Integrated 8″ Subwoofer $299.99 (Was $649)

Definitive Technology


Upgrade to an expressive stereo system with the Definitive Technology BP9020 High-Power Bipolar Tower Speaker, which gives you detailed, room-filling sound. A Forward-Focused Bipolar Array—featuring a front 1″ tweeter and (2) 3.5″ mid-drivers paired with rear-facing 3.5″ mid-driver—gives you a precise center image along with bodied, expansive sound, and an integrated 8″ powered subwoofer gives you better low-end extension without having to add a separate cube into your set-up. You can also get specific with your bass-iness with intelligent bass control, which lets you modulate deep bass levels up and down without wrecking mid-range tonal balance. And Dolby Atmos and DTS:X support lets you get multi-dimensional with your sound when you expand to a compatible AV receiver and additional channels, including the optional A90 height speaker. All of this tech is packed into an inert, resonance-free cabinet so your floors don’t bungle the tech magic happening inside. Pick up a pair today, hit play, and slay!

If you have more room in the budget, the MartinLogan Motion 60XTi Floorstanding Speaker in Red Walnut is also going for a crazy price. It’s currently on sale for $999.99, down from $1,874.98—that’s 47% of savings on a third-gen speaker that still gives immersive, clear sound.

Once you go hi-fi, it’s hard to go back—and you won’t be able to experience audiophile-level quality this cheap if you don’t snag this deal.

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